Soft Front Panels
General SFP7.06 MB1.2.3.5 / 27-Mar-18SFP for all Pickering PXI and LXI cards
Programmable PS 48V2.11 MB1.1.3SFP Install for 41-743
PSU Card Test Panel687.5 KB2.01Application
Function Generator805.05 KB1.45Application 41-620
Attenuator284 KB1.0Programmable High Voltage Attenuator 41-660/661
Versatile MUX 40-6x2-68x29.54 MB2.10SFP Install for 40-612 / -681 / -682 /-683 , for LXI & PXI
Versatile MUX 40-61325.05 MB2.00SFP Install for 40-613, for LXI and PXI
Programmable Attenuator2.83 MB1.1.3SFP Install for 41-180/1/2
Battery Simulator 6in1 SFP8.98 MB3-AUG-2010SFP Install, controlling up to six 41-752 in one SFP
Battery Simulator 7in1 SFP20.51 MB1.0.3 17-JAN-2017SFP Install, controlling up to seven 41-752 in one SFP
Multiple Battery Simulator1.94 MB1.1.9SFP Install for 41-750/1/2/3
Strain Gauge Simulator2.84 MB1.3.10SFP Install for 40-265, 50-265
Programmable Resistor2.92 MB1.0.7SFP Install for 40-290/1/5
Precision Resistor1.72 MB2.0.6SFP Install for 40-260/1/2, 293/4/7 & 50-262, 293/4/7
Fault Insertion Switch2.18 MB1.1.7SFP Install for 40-190/1/2/3/4, 40-190A, 40-190B, 40-199, 50-190
PCI High Voltage Multiplexer42.09 MB1.0150-350 PCI High Voltage Multiplexer SFP Installer
IVI Configuration Store Tool594.97 KB0.91Tool for manipulation of the IVI store, easy PI card driver creation
Archive Releases Earlier Versions of the Soft Front Panels
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